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ARN was set up to bring together communities, and concerned citizens right across Northern Ireland. Since the 23rd March 2020 we have all witnessed and felt the extreme restrictions on our liberties and freedoms which has had a serious impact on our lives. These injustices and restrictions being forced upon us under the emergency covid powers which the government have granted themselves has disrupted our lives and infringed on our human rights which many suggest is an overreach by our government representatives. With the introduction of covid passports and the coercion on the population into taking a medical procedure which remains on trial, is seen as a step to far. Many now see a two tier society forming in front of their eyes with issues around discrimination, freedom of choice and an infringement on our civil liberties and human rights.

We hope to bring those together including legal experts, doctors, police, care workers, politicians and concerned parents who wish to fight for our rights in this ever worrying changing world and put the power back into the hands of those to whom it belongs, the people. We will seek to challenge this where possible, and seek to take this overreach of power to the courts.

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Advocacy Rights Network seeks to empower people to advocate on behalf of themselves, their business, and their customers throughout Northern Ireland.

We believe it is everybody’s right to know the correct interpretation, meaning of regulations and guidance but more essentially how they exist and operate in the real world and in your business.

We believe that if businesses and customers alike properly know their rights and obligations, they both can apply the law fairly, without discrimination to equally ensure customers and staff safety, enjoyment and being free of liability.

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