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A customer’s guide for engaging with effective systems provided by hospitality owners as lawful alternatives to domestic covid vaccination or recovery certificates. Our aim is, also, to protect and keep everybody safe but still enjoy our social life together as a community by providing this abridged version for customers from the hospitality toolkit. Our objective in the full toolkit was to explain what the regulations actually state and how they actually work alongside and with other laws because we believe this will empower people to make choices that do not discriminate.

Get Your Hospitality Toolkit

Owners Hospitality Toolkit

An owner’s hospitality toolkit providing a framework fulfilling the regulations keeping customers and staff safe by simplifying the full toolkit with suggested alternative best practices alongside domestic covid vaccination certificate. Read more and download your own copy of the Owners Hospitality Toolkit from the button below.

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Hospitality Toolkit

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What's In The Legal Toolkit

More About ARN's Hospitality Toolkit

ARN seeks to empower people to advocate on behalf of themselves, their business, and their customers.

We believe it is everybody’s right to know the correct interpretation, meaning of regulations and guidance but more essentially how they exist and operate in the real world and in your business.

We believe that if businesses and customers alike properly know their rights and obligations, they both can apply the law fairly, without discrimination to equally ensure customers and staff safety, enjoyment and being free of liability.

We understand that many people, without a legal background, really struggle at times to know what they should or should not, can and cannot do to keep their businesses operating within the bounds of the law whilst providing an enjoyable experience for their customers
and keeping everybody safe.

We know that when comparisons are drawn between what regulations actually state and information provided on the NI Direct Website Domestic Vaccination Certificates, managed by the Executive Information Service, working within the Department of Finance, there is seemingly contradictions and inaccuracies in what appears to be lawful commands on the surface through guidance with what the law properly and actually requires people to do.

An example is the implication relating to the evidencing of a person’s covid status, e.g., you will be asked for your certificate. We know the regulations do not empower a responsible person to so demand nor oblige a customer to so comply.

We believe this language, by potentially misrepresenting the intention and operation of the regulations, may lead to people being unwittingly coerced into disclosing personal private medical health data and others unlawfully processing that data.

We believe that when the state intervenes, especially on matters such as disclosing private medical data and health status, requiring medical procedures and basic human rights relating to being able to run a business and enjoying life unhindered by interpreting laws for the public through guidance or other compliance measures, the state bears a duty to be accurate in a manner that empowers people to be communicatively adept knowing their rights and obligations particularly when they are subject on pain of punishment for getting it wrong.

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Employee Options

Can an Employer Lawfully Insist on No Job / No Jab

Can employer lawfully insist on No Job / No Jab or. Vaccination status disclosure Or Lawfully dismiss employee for refusal for either.

The public health act (NI) 1967 expressly provides that individuals should not be compelled to undergo mandatory medical treatments, which include vaccinations.

If you were dismissed for refusal your employer would be dismissing you for some other substantial reason.

But it is not a refusal of a reasonable instruction, because it’s not a reasonable instruction to get vaccinated and put stuff in your body.

Dismissal would be because the employer has concerns about the employee who isn’t vaccinated and the risk that that might pose to others.

The employer would then have to prove in an industrial tribunal that he undertook the correct and appropriate risk assessments and properly discharged his responsibilities.

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